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SUBJECT: Kick-Butt CALL TO ACTION Video Plugin


SUBJECT: (Plugin) Broadcasters walking around your page


SUBJECT: ON FIRE! Actors COAXING your visitors to opt-in !


SUBJECT: Wild Call-To-Action Videos for Under $10?


You’ve never seen a WordPress Plugin quite like this!


We all know the importance of getting visitors to take
action when they hit your site. Opt-in box overlays are
just about the last thing people want to see now, and
they are closed usually within 1 second of them popping


Imagine this.. how about broadcasters, including
“TV Weatherman” Todd Gross (from The Perfect Storm
fame) appearing asking folks to take action?

Yup, watch the actors with an almost 3-D quality walk
and talk across the page here:


These generic “calls to action” are not limited to just
asking visitors to click on a button, your set of broadcasters
will also be asking people to opt-in to YOUR list.

This is an incredible, cutting edge masterpiece.. Check
it out now as the price is going up with every sale.



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SUBJECT: A Plugin with walking, talking BROADCASTERS ?


SUBJECT: The BEST Call-To-Action VIDEO Plugin yet..

BODY: Have you ever seen those broadcasters that seem to be part of a web-page itself, and not hidden in a video player? You’re probably thinking you’d never be able to afford that for yourself, right? Well do WE have a surprise for you, and it is called Webcaster WP!

Webcaster WP consists of up to 40 “Calls-To-Action” Video overlays, where YOU select the actors right from your WordPress Administration daskboard! This thing is incredible and has proven to increase opt-in rates to as much as 72%! That means with a quality, targeted traffic source, you can get as many as 720 opt-ins if you get 1,000 clicks! Seeing is believing, and you can see an example of this cutting-edge technology that YOU will own for as little as $9.97 right here:

This is truly one of the best deals I’ve seen all year. Jump in now for this introductory price…


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SUBJECT: The BEST Squeeze-videos to get you an AVALANCHE of subscribers..

SUBJECT: The BEST Call-To-Action Videos for your WordPress!

SUBJECT: A video spokesman on your blog for only $9.97?

BODY: Have you ever seen those video spokemen (and women) who walk and talk, in almost 3-d on websites across the web?

Now imagine if you could choose from a wide selection of them yourself, and have them coax people to “take action” on YOUR blog!

Now.. imagine if you could do that.. for less than the price of lunch…

It is called Webcaster WP, and you can see EXACTLY what I’m talking about right here.. Watch:

Webcaster WP is the exciting, cutting-edge WordPress Plugin that takes your WordPress-based blogs and websites to a whole new level.

And.. you’re not getting just “any” spokes-people.. you even get the #1 Internet Video Spokesman, “weatherman” Todd Gross (of “The Perfect Storm”, and CNBC fame) as one of them. Watch as Todd and his partner Craig give you a full demonstration on the page above.


p.s. There are NO monthly charges associated with this, believe it or not!


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160 x 600


300 x 250


460 x 60


728 x 90



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